Friday, February 22, 2013

Tattoo artist creates 3D nippl*s

A Baltimore-area tattoo artist is making a name for himself inking 3D nipples onto the chests of breast cancer survivors.
 For many women, Vinnie Myers’ tattoo shop — in a nondescript strip mall in Finksburg, Md. — is the very last stop of a “physically and emotionally taxing” journey.
 The treatment process is finally over. “I’m the last person they see in that big battle,” Myers told the Daily News. “They need nothing else. They beat it, they’re done.” As one of his customers put it, the nipple and areola tattoos are “the icing on the cake.” Lillie Shockney, a nurse at Baltimore’s John Hopkins Breast Center, went to Myers after she saw his work on one of her patients.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Appraising Nigeria’s Ancient Traditional Arts

Nigeria’s earliest artefacts are famous for their styles and aesthetic values all over the world. CHIKA OKEKE examines some of the ancient artworks and writes that due to their historic importance, it has contributed to national development especially in the arts and culture sector.
Apart from their aesthetic nature, the artefacts are priceless and that is why foreigners place much value on them than Nigerians. Some of the ancient traditional arts are Nok, Akwanshi, Igboukwu and Dufuna Canoe.
Though some of these historic artefacts were carted away by the colonial masters but the National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM) have engaged in dialogue with museums across Europe and France on possible ways of repatriating them to their home countries especially Nigeria.