Friday, October 12, 2012

Nollywood Actress: Dino Melaye Is A Potential HIV Carrier, He Gave Me Syphilis

Nollywood Actress: Dino Melaye Is A Potential HIV Carrier, He Gave Me Syphilis

The ‘dirty water’ controversial former Kogi State federal lawmaker, Dino Melaye may have found himself swimming in has taken a new turn.

If what we are now getting is anything to go by, then, more troubles await the husband of Tokunbo Melaye.

This is because the ‘activist’ has now been dragged into another controversy, which may be messier than the pregnancy mess he is in with beautiful Yoruba actress, Bisi Ibidapo Obe.

According to what BON reported, an up and coming Yoruba actress has accused the father of three of infecting her with a sexually transmitted disease called Syphilis. She also alleged Dino to be a potential carrier of the dreaded STD called HIV.

BON reported that a budding actress (name withheld) sent a mail to them. A copy of the mail is presented below.

“My name is ——–, I am an upcoming actress and I have featured in over 20 Yoruba films mostly as waka about. Last year, I met one of the big names in the industry who lives in Magodo and she became my friend and we were relating on sister basis. She was very nice to me and she even gave me a role in her movie directed by Muyideen and shot in Omole Estate.

On my birthday last year (2011), she (the big actress) used my picture on her bb (BlackBerry) and Hon. Dino saw it and begged that she hooked us up. She did but told me plain that she was not asking me to date him that the choice was mine.

Hon Dino started wooing me, he will call for long hours and he changed my phone and at one instance gave me 250,000 to change my wardrobe. I asked Hon. Melaye if he was married and he said he was seperated as he caught his wife in
bed with another man in his matrimonial home.

One thing about Dino is that he hates CD (condom) and the first time we Were Intimate, we argued for over 2hours as I said no to unprotected sex but after some sweet talks, I agreed and we continue like that. It didn’t take long before I started feeling funny and when I told my sister, who was a doctor, she ran some tests on me and told me I had Syphilis.

I picked my phone and told Dino. This was the last time he picked my calls and he deleted me from his bbm. If he denies this, I will send you at least 3 of our hotel receipts bearing his name.

I am out because I know that there are more greedy girls like me and the rate at which Dino is going, he is a potential HIV carrier. Dino is very smooth and lies come to him easily.

Editor, this letter is unedited except the fact that we removed her name as agreed.”

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Model, 21, Cuts Off 65 Year Old Lover’s Testicles, Wears Them As a Bracelet

Model, 21, Cuts Off 65 Year Old Lover’s Testicles, Wears Them As a Bracelet

Portuguese male model Renato Seabra (21) castrated and killed Carlos Castro, a 65-year-old Portuguese society journalist. He used his lover’s testicles as a talisman.

Renato Seabra, a Portuguese male model, said he was so tortured by his May-December romance with Carlos Castro that he beat him to death, castrated him with a corkscrew, then wore the dead man’s manhood on his arms to harness what he believed was its healing powers.

“He put one on each wrist,” lawyer Rubin Sinins said at Friday’s opening of the murder trial. “He did this for his protection. He wandered the streets of Manhattan, touching people, because he had the power to cure people from AIDS, because he had the power to cure them.”

Seabra, 21, killed his 65-year-old lover — a noted Portuguese society journalist and gay activist — in a sudden psychotic onset, said the lawyer.

“He wanted to explain why he killed Mr. Castro because he thought what he had done was right.”
Sinins asked the jury to return a verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity, with the possibility of being committed to a psychiatric facilit.

Manhattan prosecutors countered that the young man was just a temperamental gold digger. Castro was supposed be Seabra’s lucky ticket, flying him to the Big Apple in Jan. 2011 with the promise of getting him work through a Manhattan modeling agency, prosecutors said.

“He wanted to pursue a career in modeling,” said Assistant District Attorney Maxine Rosenthal. “He wanted to be famous and make money. He also wanted nice things — clothes, electronics, gifts for his family. He wanted to eat in nice restaurants. When Carlos Castro showed up in Renato Seabra’s life, he got on board.”

But soon, Castro grew weary of opening up his wallet for the young beauty, especially after he caught him stepping out with a group of women.

Seabra tried to wheedle his way back into his benefactor’s favour, but Castro booked his young lover a flight to leave early — clearly indicating the fling was over, Rosenthal said in opening statements.

The two had a terrible fight on the afternoon of Jan. 7 over the break-up. Seabra beat the older man over the head with a computer monitor and then repeatedly stomped him until he was dead. “This anger came from the end of a relationship with Carlos Castro,” Rosenthal said. “He knew he was beating, stomping and mutilating Carlos Castro. And he knew it was wrong.”

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Yoruba Art And Culture

In Yoruba-land culture, females and males every single have their very own  special characteristics which makes them effective. Metaphorically, females and guys can be mostly compared to containers & what desires containing.  Ladies are  these vessels in greater than 1 sense. They carry along babies, they usually also obtain men throughout intimate intercourse.  In such a way, women has got a very power that adult men require.  This can be an vital strategy of feminine ability that is certainly brought out via the artwork. Vessels & receptacles are historically related to most women for two applications: they may be symbolic and precise containers, and they could possibly be reputable &  productive. According to one  legend, a lady named Agere and was  divination deity’s spouse who safeguarded him by hiding him in her stomach & also helped him by functioning with him. Agere containers/vessels, which is usually divination vessels that maintain a vibrant male initiate’s palm nuts (consist of) and that come about to get also accustomed to ground medicines (productive), turned generally known as this kind of because of this lady.Despite the fact that related to females, rather than photographs of females, the agere containers are generally carved in the type of males on horseback.