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Nicholas Hely Hutchinson

Nicholas Hely Hutchinson

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tosin Olakanye-Olayemi Has Successfully Beaten It.(Female Drummer)

Ayanbinrin: Time to groom female drummers by Akeem Lasisi
In Yorubaland, many drummers easily lay claim to coming from a family of drummers. They enjoy saying it so proudly that they have a drum proverb for it: ‘Iran igun nii jebo/ Iran akala a joku/ Iran baba mi/ Ilu nii lu’. This means ‘The family of the eagle relishes sacrifice/ That of the vulture enjoys dead bodies/ But my own family are renowned drummers.

Friday, November 2, 2012



VIDEO: Nigerian Ife Art on Display in Houston

A collection of more than 100 items of African art is now on display at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the first stop in a U.S. tour of rare art works from Nigeria's Ife region.

The exhibition is called Dynasty and Divinity: Ife Art in Ancient Nigeria and features many objects that museum visitors may find surprising. Curator Frances Marzio said, "Ife early on protected its patrimony and these objects have, for the most part, never even been outside of Nigeria."

One of the biggest surprises, Marzio says, is the realistic portrayals of royalty and other subjects in terra cotta, stone and metal. "Most of what we think of as African art today are the types of abstract art and wooden art that really influenced 20th century artists like Picasso. So, to see these objects that are made in a very classical way, more like Greece and Rome, I think is a revelation and I think it changes your idea of what African art was," said Marzio.

An Agere Ifa - Yoruba Art, Culture & Tradition

An Agere Ifa is a single specific from the very important ritual artifacts utilized by divination priests. When an soneone or group people consults Ifa priest which has a difficulty, the diviner employs 16 sacred palm nuts to “cast Ifa” & generate photographs to that customer. This agere Ifa was made by a leader carver, & has an intricate grouping of 7 figures plus a horse. Inside the faces of one's equestrian ascertain & also the mum with youngster, the master carver has reflected wishes of thos people during the days consulting the priest, & has supplied visual expressions of hope & high expectation.

Yoruba Epa Headdress- Art & Culture

Possibly late nineteenth century. Made by Bamgose in Osi Ilorin. Epa  head dressed of Yoruba people promote the well being & effective-being of societies. Processions of headdress execute a high energy dances which advise increased great powers of  its existence plus the strengthening in the entire image. The performers leap for the prime of the mound, the results of which can be an omen to the society. Opin; this kind of masks ended up called aguru and had been applied inside the publish funeral rites of title adult males whose  main status was dependant on particular achievement in lieu of lineage.The body/image from the warrior appears often on th Epa masks. Also that is also a body of power & authority, it memories of no less than 300 years of cavalry war-field  in north center Yoruba Land.

Ifa Divination Vessel- Art and Culture

In Yoruba-land culture, females and males every single have their very own  special characteristics which makes them effective. Metaphorically, females and guys can be mostly compared to containers & what desires containing.  Ladies are  these vessels in greater than 1 sense. They carry along babies, they usually also obtain men throughout intimate intercourse.  In such a way, women has got a very power that adult men require.  This can be an vital strategy of feminine ability that is certainly brought out via the artwork. Vessels & receptacles are historically related to most women for two applications: they may be symbolic and precise containers, and they could possibly be reputable &  productive. According to one  legend, a lady named Agere and was  divination deity’s spouse who safeguarded him by hiding him in her stomach & also helped him by functioning with him. Agere containers/vessels, which is usually divination vessels that maintain a vibrant male initiate’s palm nuts (consist of) and that come about to get also accustomed to ground medicines (productive), turned generally known as this kind of because of this lady.Despite the fact that related to females, rather than photographs of females, the agere containers are generally carved in the type of males on horseback.